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It seems like everything you do, and possibly everything you say in this day and age could show up on your credit report. It has become your ultimate permanent record.

It may seem like you have no control over your credit score...

You're late on one phone bill. That could go on your permanent record.

Your student loan payment gets rerouted through Albuquerque. It's recorded two days late. That could go on your permanent record.

You go on an extended vacation and buy a once-in-lifetime keepsake for your mother. You max out your credit card. That could go on your permanent record.

You get sick with the flu. You're out of work for three days. That could go on your permanent record. Just kidding, but really...

What can you do?

Pay your bills on time by mapping out due dates.

It will only take one month to figure out, but simply pay the bills that are due at the end of the month in the beginning of the month and conversely, pay the bills at the beginning of the following month at the end of the prior month. The longer you pay your bills on time, the more positive your credit history will look to other creditors.

Many companies and most likely your bank, can set-up auto payments online or direct deductions from your account so that you never miss a due date. Of course, Citimortgage is here to help! You're already online, why wait? Sign up to make your mortgage payment automatically each month. It's easy and you can even receive notifications that let you know when your payment is received.

Find creative ways to manage high interest rate debt.

I know what you're thinking, my mortgage! You got it. We all need credit cards for one thing or the other, emergencies, rewards, rewards, rewards! Let's face it - we all also have those cards that we just need to pay-down.

Interest rates are still at all time lows and the equity that you have in your home can improve your credit score in the most effective way – by paying off or paying down higher interest debt. As a current Citimortgage customer, now is a good time to talk to your Mortgage Consultant about a Refinance with Cash Back or a Home Equity Line or Loan.

Check your credit report for FREE each year!

You may have forgotten to close an account that you cut up the card to in 1982. So take advantage of the free annual credit report and make sure to check for any errors throughout the report. You have the right to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information and the consumer reporting agency is responsible for investigating and correcting such information.

It may take some homework to investigate and correct any mistakes or inaccuracies. Keep in mind that the report will not include your credit score; you'll have to pay for that.

Your credit report changes each time your creditors report any new information. Just a little effort can go a long way and your credit history will improve over time when you manage your credit responsibly!

Citimortgage will even credit you $500 at closing on any Refinance, New Home Purchase, or Refinance with Cash Back, when you apply (by calling 1-800-MORTGAGE ext. 2112) between April 24, 2007 and June 30, 2007 and mention offer code 16529. Call today!

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